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Aruba wireless slowness

Hi Guys,  


I was hoping you could advise me on a slow wireless issue that one of clients are experiencing.  


They do not know much about networking in general and there network has been very large in terms of address space.  


They only run two vlans across their network one for domain users and one for guest. Wired and Wireless all goes into one VLAN, which has a /16 subnet mask and VLAN 1 is used across their network. They are complaining that wireless is very slow and they have frequent drop outs. I can deal with drop outs issue, but would like to know from you guys how to handle the slowness.  No issues are experienced on thw wired network. 


They have a controller deployment with 105's and 205's running.  

I have already ticked marked the "Drop Brodcast and Unknown Multicast and "Convert Broadcast ARP requests to unicast". I have enabled "BCMC (Broadcast-Multicast) Optimization" on the VLAN and have disabled the basic transmit rates. They have said that this has made an improvement, but not a siginificant improvement and the experienced is still not good.


Can you confirm from the wireless side that I have done everything or do I need to do anything else?


Can you confirm if I connect my laptop to their wireless and do a wireshark capture that I will be able to show them the problem interms of broadcast?


Without affecting the users too much is it possible to create two much smaller test VLANS and test wireless on their existing corp SSID? I expect this to give much better results if possible.  


Would explaining segmentation, advising them to keep wired and wireless on separate VLANS be the best option?


Many Thanks,

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Re: Aruba wireless slowness

I would consider turning down the power, if you still have poor performance, by limiting the max transmit power in the ARM profile to 15, instead of 127.

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Re: Aruba wireless slowness

I have made the changes advised on my original post and the change that you have suggested with regards to power. This gives them an improvment, but not a siginificant improvement. 


I think it is time to move away from having a flat network and start to segregate wired and wirleless. 

Re: Aruba wireless slowness

Hello Danger there are some things that you need to look


-Are those clietnes complaining connected to 2.4ghz or 5ghz?

-is the channel utilization really high? normally  you can see that happening in 2.4ghz channels

-Do you have lot of noise?

-Do your wifi adapters of your laptops support 5ghz and 2.4ghz? or just support 2.4ghz?


You can check all this information on the instant dashboard when you click on the AP list


I see that you mention you got aps 105 and aps 205

Do you have them mixed in the same floor?

If you do  that will give you roaming issues.  This will make some peolpe connected to APS that are far from them even if they got one ap closer.





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