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ArubaOS - User Time-Out settings

Hi all,

Easy question.

Where can I find the setting for user time-out when they are idling?

I want to make sure that users will have to log back into the captive portal after like maybe 30 minutes idling.

Just like at a hotel/airport.

Thank you much.



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Re: ArubaOS - User Time-Out settings

The controller has a user idle time out (this is configurable- 5 min default). Before this time expires the contorller will make sure whether the client is still on the network using ICMP . However, if the laptop is asleep or if the client firewall blocks ICMP , then it won't reply to the ICMP and the controller will remove the client from the user table. The device will have to reconnect to the network when it wakes up. I don't know whether this is what you are exactly looking for






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Re: ArubaOS - User Time-Out settings

Hi everyone!


I have same problem, but i can try configurate one profile, and not replicate to global profiles.


Is this possible?




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Re: ArubaOS - User Time-Out settings

what is the downside of configuring user time out  to 8 or 12 hrs?

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