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ArubaOS 8: MM vs 7200 as master

i just found out that 72xx controller can act as master controller in ArubaOS 8 which i thought the master capability was removed and completely replaced by MM.

i could not find any good document comparing MM vs 7200 master mode even in the VRD.

can anyone point me somewhere this issue being explained?

Ricky E. Lee
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Re: ArubaOS 8: MM vs 7200 as master



a 7200 can be a master, however you can not terminate AP's on it. you also lose the ability for some other functions that only the MM can provide. 


you need the MM if you want;

 - allways on network during controller failure

 - automated rf with AirMatch

 - in-service software upgrade

 - jabber support

 - centralised visability


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Re: ArubaOS 8: MM vs 7200 as master

so basically, 7200 master is just a MM with minimized feature?

Ricky E. Lee
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Re: ArubaOS 8: MM vs 7200 as master

With the 7000 as master in ArubaOS 8.0 (non-MM deployment):

- The master controller must be a 7030 or above

- Access points cannot terminate on the master (it takes the role of the MM, which also does not terminate access points)

- Airmatch is not supported

- Monitoring of things like UCC, Airgroup and Clients is individual to each controller (in an MM deployment it is centralized)

- Controller clustering (hitless failover) is not supported

- No Loadable Service Modules (you cannot upgrade parts of ArubaOS, you must upgrade all of it at one time)

- All controllers must have the same version (in an MM deployment this is not a requirement).

- Centralized Licensing does not support Licensing Pools if you use a 7000 controller as the master in 8.x


Long story short, go the MM route for the best scalability, performance and flexibility..

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Re: ArubaOS 8: MM vs 7200 as master

awesome. this clears it all.

Ricky E. Lee
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