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ArubaOS 8 Mesh warning?

Anybody have any idea what the following messages are supposed to mean?  When provisioning the next mesh point or portal we get the same warning but about the other MC


Warning:Provisioning AP 90:4c:81:ce:79:d2 at LMS as mesh AP will need at least one mesh cluster profile at node path /md/00:0b:86:aa:aa:aa Mesh provisioning will fail on the LMS if mesh cluster profile is not present

Is this just a strangly worded warning that I need to have a mesh cluster configured?


Koen (ACMX #351 | ACDX #547 | ACCP)

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Re: ArubaOS 8 Mesh warning?

it's a strongly worded warning, here's what the dev wrote when they added the log


Currently MM doesn't have a way to validate Mesh AP profiles as the effective Mesh Cluster profiles are not accessible on MM, they are only accessible on MD.

On MM add a warning when the user enters reprovision AP and the AP is targeted to be a mesh portal or point. 

The warning should indicate that mesh provision will fail on LMS <> if the ap-group entered in reprovision doens't have mesh cluster profiles on the node where LMS is currently present.

The LMS IP, ap-group and node path of the LMS shall be displayed in the warning.
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