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ArubaOS 8 MultiZone

Can someone explain to me the difference between the MultiZone feature in ArubaOS 8 as opposed to simply using an IAP and taggin two separate SSIDs to their own VLANs using let's say Aruba Instant?


Is this just a matter of greater isolation, with ability to send traffic to two separate controllers?



Re: ArubaOS 8 MultiZone

The main thing to note with MZ is that since controllers do full encryption from the client to the controller, with MultiZone the controller crypto boundaries are maintained at the two separate controllers. So it's more than just different VLANs, it's entirely two separate crypto zones/boundaries AND the ability to control each SSID's config separately (so that Company A can manage Company A's APs and SSIDs, and Company B can manage their own controller and the MZ SSIDs terminated on their controller.

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