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ArubaOS 8 Video Series

@Newsha has put together this playlist of ArubaOS 8 videos. Please watch and enjoy. Also be sure to comment below to share your take on the videos.


Why ArubaOS 8? - This video covers network trends in the market and how ArubaOS 8 benefits provide a unique offering for customers.

What is MultiZone? - ArubaOS 8 enables multi-tenant wireless network by creating multiple secure separate networks using the same access point.

Reliability at all levels - ArubaOS 8 brings reliability at all levels in the network with seamless failover in an event of controller failure and “Live upgrade” which is no downtime during an OS upgrade.

Mobility Master and AirMatch - This video covers what the Mobility Master is and how AirMatch provides better user experience for users with automated RF optimization.

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