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Backup with Cattools in ArubaOS 6.4

Since AOS 6.4 the automatic cattools backup script as described in http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Command-of-the-Day/COTD-Automating-Aruba-Controller-Tasks-with-Kiwi-CatTools/m-p/1365/highlight/true#M92 is broken.


In previous versions it was possible to backup the running config in one command line:

(ARUBA) #copy running-config ftp: ftphost ftpuser ftppassword running.cfg

In 6.4 the password cannot be given as a parameter anymore. Instead the Aruba controller asks for this on a new line:

(ARUBA) #copy running-config ftp: ftphost ftpuser running.cfg


How can you automate backups to the Aruba controller with (or without) Cattools ? Running config, flash backup and tech support backups would be a requirement.

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Re: Backup with Cattools in ArubaOS 6.4

Use TFTP instead of FTP.  The FTP behavior was changed to interactive because someone could look over a shoulder and see the ftp password as they were typing it (a security issue).


The side effect is that it no longer possible for scripting using cattools, unless you were using a language like expect that would allow you to enter an interactive password, or you use TFTP.

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