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Bandwidth Contracts - adding a website as an exception

Hello Community.


We have a large number of BYOD devices in our School District to which we have applied a bandwidth limit. Recently, Academic staff have begun to use a website that requires bandwidth well in excess of the applied limit for the purposes of streaming media and other forms of collaboraton.


Is there a method I can configure which will allow traffic to this website to be an exception to the BW Contract? The tricky bit is that the site does not use an APP but rather an extension which is installed in the Chrome Browser so my thinking is that I would have to somehow find a way to unthrottle all traffic destined to the site in question. The website in question BTW is www.youseeu.com.


Thanks in advance for any ideas.


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Re: Bandwidth Contracts - adding a website as an exception

Why not apply the bandwidth contract to a role instead and have a separate role for academic staff?

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