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Best Practices

What are the recommendation for regulatory domain and ARM, for best clients healthy and channel quality.


We have poor clients healthy, our intention are getting better channel quality and client healthy, and decrease noise.


Is there a way to force a client to migrate to a near AP? I have cases the client don't change, even if the poor signal.


Thks .


Re: Best Practices

Hi @paulom555

A few questions to help us answer your questions.

Is this aruba instant APs or controller based deployment? 

What code version are you using?

What type of environment is it? Office space? Warehouse? Outdoor?


There are certainly many best practices but a lot of them depend on the actual installation and planning of the wireless network and cell sizes.


Are you using client match?

"Sticky Clients: The client match feature also helps mobile clients that tend to stay associated to an AP despite low signal levels. APs using client match continually monitor the client's RSSI as it roams between APs, and moves the client to an AP when a better radio match is found. This prevents mobile clients from remaining associated to an APs with less than ideal RSSI, which can cause poor connectivity and reduce performance for other clients associated with that AP."



Sean Rynearson
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Re: Best Practices

Hi Sean. 


Is this aruba instant APs or controller based deployment? No.

What code version are you using? 

What type of environment is it? Office space? Warehouse? Outdoor? Building. 10 floors.

Are you using client match? Yes.


Thks for your attention.



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