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Bridged connection not working

I have a dish network reciever connected as below


Dish network remote reciever (Joey)

connected via cable to



Dish network Hopper

connected wireless to



connected to Intenet


The hopper is set to bridge the Joey to the internet via Wifi

The hopper and the Joey get ip address from the wifi just fine

The hopper can get out the internet to get to netflix etc

Hoever the Joey cant get out the internet


If I change the connection on the hopper to point at a COTS (netgear) Wifi then the joey works like a champ...

It seems like the aruba does not like the bridged connection.

Is there a solution for this besides give up on the aruba connection?



Re: Bridged connection not working

please try turning off "Convert Broadcast ARP requests to unicast" in the virtual-ap profile (enabled by default), it is harmful to bridged devices - refer to ArubaOS 6.5.x User Guide for more info, reproduced here:


Beginning with ArubaOS, this parameter is enabled by default. Behaviors associated with these settings are enabled upon upgrade to ArubaOS If your controller supports clients behind a wireless bridge or virtual clients on VMware devices, you must disable this setting to allow those clients to obtain an IP address. In previous releases of ArubaOS, the virtual AP profile included two unique
broadcast filter parameters; the drop broadcast and multicast parameter, which filtered out all broadcast and multicast traffic in the air except DHCP response frames (these were converted to unicast frames and sent to the corresponding
client) and the convert ARP requests to unicast parameter, which converted broadcast ARP requests to unicast messages sent directly to the client.





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Re: Bridged connection not working

Thanks that worked like a champ!!!!

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