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Can I invoke Aruba Command without tty ?

I tried to get result of "show clients" from RAP-109 by ssh command as
but, RAP-109 returns "Aborted" message.


# ssh admin@ "show clients"
Warning: Permanently added '' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.
admin@'s password: ********


Can I invoke Aruba Command without tty ?


Re: Can I invoke Aruba Command without tty ?

Hi Mitsuhiro-san,


Unfortunately you cannot ssh without the tty on either iAPs or the controller, but you can consider to use curl to connect, deal with the cookies, and then use the same methods as the webUI for running CLI commands.


* caveat * of course this is an unsupported method for accessing the device CLI, on one hand it is no different than a webUI but on the other hand there are no guarantees that the interface won't change in the future.


example for IAP below





root@bt:~# curl --insecure --cookie-jar .cookie --data "opcode=login&user=admin&passwd=admin&refresh=false"
<?xml version='1.0'?><re><data name="sid" pn="true">d3zf5LdhSw8YHhZoFY4o</data><data name="type" pn="true">Admin</data></re>

the SID value (data name="sid" above) needs to be used in all subsequent https requests and it changes every session

root@bt:~# curl --insecure --cookie .cookie --data "opcode=support&ip= aps%27&refresh=false&sid=d3zf5LdhSw8YHhZoFY4o"

1 Access Point
Name               IP Address    Mode    Spectrum  Clients  Type  Mesh Role  Zone  2.4 Channel  2.4 Power (dB)  2.4 Utilization (%)  2.4 Noise Floor (dBm)  5.0 Channel  5.0 Power (dB)  5.0 Utilization (%)  5.0 Noise Floor (dBm)  Need Antenna Config  From Port  Config Id  Config Csum  Ext SSID Active  Age
----               ----------    ----    --------  -------  ----  ---------  ----  -----------  --------------  -------------------  ---------------------  -----------  --------------  -------------------  ---------------------  -------------------  ---------  ---------  -----------  ---------------  ---
18:64:72:c1:22:7e*  access  disable   3        115   Portal     -     6            20              14(good)             -95(good)              116+         24              1(good)              -93(good)              No                   none       0          7901         disable          2d:13h:41m:7sroot@bt:~# 

where: is the actual IP of the VC AP, you can remove this to run the command in VC, or, can put any other IP in there

%27show aps%27 url encoded cli command, since the whole thing is surrounded by double quote, you need to keep the %27 on each side of the command you want to run
d3zf5LdhSw8YHhZoFY4o is the SID from the login response


if you want the result as XML, you can change the opcode to show, i.e.

root@bt:~# curl --insecure --cookie .cookie --data "opcode=show&ip= aps%27&refresh=false&sid=d3zf5LdhSw8YHhZoFY4o"
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Re: Can I invoke Aruba Command without tty ?

Hi jeff-san,

Thank you for replying.
I'll try that method.


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