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Re: Cannot migrate RAPs to new controllers

Awesome! I will try this out, thanks!

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Re: Cannot migrate RAPs to new controllers

After reviewing the article I don't see how the AP Provisioning Profile helps in my scenario. The info is valuable and appreciated but I dont feel it applies to my deployment.


Taking my specifics out of the equation, let me ask this: what is the best way to move a RAP that is up on cluster A to cluster B without resetting it?


My understanding that a a new profile with the new LMS is the AP System Profile was the way to do this.

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Re: Cannot migrate RAPs to new controllers



When you provision a RAP, you need to put in the public ip address of the controller so that when the AP is booted, it knows where to go.  That ip address is saved in flash on the AP and survives as reboot.  In fact, it is the ip address that the AP searches for upon cold boot.


The AP provisioning profile allows you to replace that ip address with the ip address in the provisioning profile, so that you do not have to do it.  The AP will reboot, and then try to connect to the ip address in the provisioning profile.  The provisioning profile is the quickest way to move RAPs from one controller to another, permanently.


What does not apply to your situation?


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Re: Cannot migrate RAPs to new controllers



Thanks for your help through this issue. TAC was able to resolve the issue. I was trying to change the AP System Profile and change the AP Group of the RAPs. TAC advised just changing the Master Controller IP Address/DNS name under Master Discovery in the AP Installation > Provisioning tab. 




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