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Captive Portal SSID not working

Hi, Guys,


We created a Captive Portal SSID, but the user cannot see the Portal. All Internet website is denied. If we change the AAA Initial Role from guest-logon to guest, it was able to open Internet websites.


The user can resolve DNS, ping external address, but cannot open a website and cannot ping the controller IP. From controller I can ping the device IP. 


It's a tunnel SSID. The DHCP and Gateway are an external device (PA firewall).


Follow the config:


user-role "XXX Public-guest-logon"
captive-portal "XXX Public-cp_prof"
dpi disable
web-cc disable
access-list session global-sacl
access-list session "apprf-XXX Public-guest-logon-sacl"
access-list session logon-control
access-list session captiveportal
aaa profile "XXX Public-aaa_prof"
initial-role "guest-logon"
aaa authentication captive-portal "XXX Public-cp_prof"
server-group "XXX Public_srvgrp-xve68"
wlan ssid-profile "XXX Public-ssid_prof"
essid "XXX Public"
ht-ssid-profile "XXX Public-htssid_prof"
wlan virtual-ap "XXX Public-vap_prof"
aaa-profile "XXX Public-aaa_prof"
ssid-profile "XXX Public-ssid_prof"
vlan 954


What kind of troubleshooting can we do?



Paulo R.

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Re: Captive Portal SSID not working

aaa profile "XXX Public-aaa_prof"
initial-role "guest-logon"


> the initial role should be "XXX Public-guest-logon", presuming that you have created a captive portal "XXX Public-cp_prof"

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Re: Captive Portal SSID not working



Yes. We changed just to test. But "guest-logon" and "XXX Public-guest-logon" has the same policies... 


This is not the problem, unfortunately. Have another idea?

Even if the problem is external of the Controller. Where can we look in these cases?

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Re: Captive Portal SSID not working

Does the controller have an ip address in vlan 954?

If not > create a ip address on it.

If yes and different from the controllerip > #ip cp-redirect-address <vlan954 IP>

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Re: Captive Portal SSID not working

On what type of client you are testing?

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Re: Captive Portal SSID not working

Hi @RoydeJager,


I fix it with adding IP Address in VLAN of Captive Portal users...


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