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Captive Portal Sponsor Email Login doesn't work

I have setup a Captive Portal page where users can send a sponsor an email to be approved for a guest login. The sponsor is sent an email with a link to the /guest/auth_login.php page where the sponsor logs in using their domain credentials and the service checks to make sure they are a memberOf the "Guest_Sponsor" group. When the sponsor logs in, the access tracker shows that their login was accepted, but they are told their usename/password is incorrect and the Guest user is not authenticated.


I used a generic Aruba Application Authentication service to handle the login with the service rule just set to "Application Name EQUALS Guest" and they are given the [Allow Application Access Profile] if it is determined they are part of the "Guest_Sponsor" domain group.


 I am not sure where I went wrong here, are there any guides to setting up this email login? 

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