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Captive Portal ask for relogin several times



I have some clients working with IPAD who complain about captive portal login page.


I have a 7210 controller with ArubaOS installed, and problem is that they have to introduce several times their user and password in order to get internet access. (Clients introduce their credentials and Captive Portal Login page appear again).


This issue started after ArubaOS upgrade.


Authentications is against a radius server, and i don't see any problem when i use "show aaa authentication-server radius statistics" command


Anyone have a similar issue?


Thank you in advance





Re: Captive Portal ask for relogin several times


You probably do , but have you enabled Apple CNA bypass under the Layer 3 profile ?

Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: Captive Portal ask for relogin several times



I don't have Apple CNA bypass enable because it blocks automatic captive portal validation. This is a Wifi network for clients in a hotel, and if I have Apple CNA bypass enable people complain about they don't have internet access (just because they don't open a browser and try to navegate).


However, I think problem is clear for me now. Problem isn't a authentication failure. Problem is a redirect failure from iOS 7 network assistant.


In order to fix this issue i have to use an external captive portal with a external link to Welcome Page after client validation.


Thank you for your help



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