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Captive portal issues with virtual controller (using only access point)


I have 5 Aruba IAP 305RW, and I need to configure a captive portal for guests authentication.

I configured it without problems, but I found some limited "configurations" without the controller. I used a virtual controller to manage all the configurations.


1- Sign in the network

- everytime that the user goes to other access point, he need to put the username and password again. The access point doesn´t use the "roaming" feature when you have the captive portal configured.


2- Turned off the wireless connection

- when you turn off the connection or disable your wireless connection (like putting your computer in standby mode) you need to put the credentials again to have internet access. I put the reauth interval to 24hours, but without success.

This is very bad because the user needs to put the credentials all the time.


So, do you have any idea to change this, or is it normal without a controller or external captive portal (managed by clearpass, for example)


Thanks for you help


Sergio Monteiro


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Re: Captive portal issues with virtual controller (using only access point)

1.  Is that SSID Configured as "Network Assigned" or "Virtual Controller Assigned"?  Try Virtual Controller assigned.  If you have it configured as "Network Assigned", please make sure the guest VLAN is trunked to all APs.

2.  You should not have to modify the reauthentication interval.  That parameter specifies at what interval the user would be forced to re-authenticate.  It does not apply here.

3.  The Timeout in the SSID is 1000 seconds by default, which is the amount of time a user will have to re-associate if they have left their laptop idle.


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