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Centralized Licensing Question 2 master ControlLers

I have a configuration with 2 7210 Redundant Master Controllers using centralized licensing.  I recently moved the Standby Master Controller into an offsite data center and re-associated all of the APs to that controller in an effort to minimize downtime for the clients. 


During this process, Aruba Suport gave me temporary licenses keys to install on the Standby (new Primary) controller so I wouldn't run into problems while moving the APs.  I now have both Master Controllers in the data center with the old Standby Master Controller now acting as the Primary and the old Primary Controller acting as the Standby Master.


My concern is that I am recieving licensing alerts from the New Primary Controller based on the the fact that the temporary licenses I was given for the move are getting ready to expire.The old Primary master controller still has the 128 AP, PEF-NG and RF-Protect permanent licenses on it which are currently enough to support the environment. 


When the temp licenses expire will the licenses on the new Standby still be able to be used and is there any way to get rid of the temp licenses on the new Primary controller without causing downtime?


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Re: Centralized Licensing Question 2 master ControlLers



As per the Centralised License management, it should not be an issue. even after expiration of the temp license, it will consume required license from the pool. only concern can be License installed from the factory ( default license installed in the box), those license can not be shared with the license pool.


You are talking about the standby,  license can be an issue if you are terminating any APs .


Hope got some clarity, if not please feel free to comeback.

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