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Centralized aruba master(N+1 redundancy)

Hi all,


We are planning to deploy 5 wlan controllers in 5 different sites and one master controller in datacenter.

all 5 sites traffic will get diverted through datacentre only though MPLS


Datacentre-master controller

site A- local

Site B-local

Site C-local

site D-local

Site E-local


As we can go with N+1 redeundancy model. but in every site if we have 300-400 AP's. If controller goes down in Site A. It will take longer time for Ap's to take backup LMS(datacentre controller) and if all ap's are terminating in datacentre .

I guess MPLS traffic will be more and users using internet from that sites will face slowness ri8?? is this the case or do we any alternate solution .


In case site A controller and Site B controller goes down, there will be huge traffic in MPLS link and it may go down ri8? ofcoure it depends on MPLS bandwidth



Is there any option like, if site A controller goes down, Ap's in Site A can do local forwarding instead of taking up controller in datacentre.



Warm regards


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Re: Centralized aruba master(N+1 redundancy)

And for all the 5 sites, we are planning to go with NAC solution.


We are planning to have clearpass 5k for all 5 sites and will place it in datacentre.


Is this recomended approach. to have radius authenticating server in datacentre which is connected to sites through MPLS where we have controller.

Warm Regards


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