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Chance to redo Vlans and subnets

Our wireless system has grown from a few dozen users and access points to thousands of users and hundreds of access points. I think there are some things we would have done differently if we knew then what we know now. Aruba’s VRD documents are helpful but I’m posting this as a way to check in with the community and solicit opinions from folks with similar production networks.


1. We have a physically redundant layer 2 master/local controller architecture and a reliable wired network out to the APs

2. Access points are deployed on the access vlans

3. Authenticated users are on one vlan built of many /24’s

4. Guest users are on one vlan built of one /22

5. We are not using vlan pools or mobility

6. All IP addressing comes from enterprise DHCP servers


Right now we are re-working some of our network and I have a chance to re-implement how we use vlans and subnets within our wireless system. I'm not looking to make work but I would be glad to improve things. Anybody willing to chat about what works for you?








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Re: Chance to redo Vlans and subnets



I would definitely follow the VRD's recommendation.  Generally I have used VLAN pooling with /24 subnets.  For Guest wireless, I route or NAT on the Aruba.  Corporate traffic I use L2 VLANs from the core.  This generally fits most environments but you will have to apply different configurations based on your environment.


If you would like to discuss in details, let me know.  Would be happy to provide any additional info that would be helpful in your environment.



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