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Change Public IP address

Hello all,


We have recently changed from ISP and I was wondering if this would impact the connetivity of our Aruba Controller.

We had to switch the public IP's where the RAP 2WG need to connect to.

Do I need to change something in the configuration of the controller for this or do the RAP's need to be rebooted or reconfigured?


Thank you for your time and answers.



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Re: Change Public IP address

If you had the RAP pointed at a DNS address and you changed the address in DNS, you should be okay.  If the RAPs were provisioned to an ip address, you probably have to reprovision them with the new address, unfortunately.


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Re: Change Public IP address

If they were provisioned to a DNS name, you can change the DNS record to reflect the new IP (and you'll need to change the IP in the AP system profile if you were using one).   


If they were provisioned to the old IP and it is no longer available, you'll need to reprovision them.   If you still have it available by chance during a cutover period, you can create a provisioning profile with the new controller IP/DNS name.   So long as the RAPs can still get to the old IP, they'll grab the new provisioning profile and update themselves for the new ISPs connection.  But  unfortunately if they have already cut you off, you'll need to reprovision them.

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