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Clarification on RF report Section

Recently, I started really analyzing our daily RF health reports, and started to notice a section that appears every now and then labeled "Problem XX GHz Radios".


I'm pretty curious on what classifies a radio as a "Problem Radio" with in this report. I can't seem to find any thing in the AirWave documentation regarding it, and was wondering if anyone else knew.




Re: Clarification on RF report Section

For the RF Health report, problem radios are radios that violate 2 or more thresholds.


The following theshold values are hardcoded for the RF Health Report:

average noise greater or equal to -80

average channel utilization greater or equal to 75

MAC / Phy errors greater or equal to 1000

Interfering device count greater or equal to 1


Most often, you'll see that the MAC/Phy errors and Interfering device counts are the triggering thresholds since they are the easiest to set off in most environments.

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