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ClearPass-Wanabe Captive Portal on Aruba Controller 6.X

Just finishing a captive portal design based on CPPM.

The size is quite big, so it is recommended to increase the concurrent CP user.. see this link for more details.


Here are the CP preview


(view in My Videos)

And here are link of the files in zip (2.83 MB) :D -- (can't post rar file)..




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Re: ClearPass-Wanabe Captive Portal on Aruba Controller 6.X

Thanks, this looks pretty cool!


Though, I should recommend against putting content like this on the controller. The controller is not designed to be a web server, hosting content like this and in environments where you have more than just a few users, this can result in serious issues.

If you can place the content on an external web server, and white-list access to that server from the guest's login role, you can still host the content and use an external captive portal for that.


The authentication POST from the index.html:

... method="POST" action="/auth/index.html/u" ...

.. should be changed to have the full https://<name-of-the-controller-certificate> in the action.


Another benefit is that if you have multiple controllers, there is no need to put the content on each of them. Also, the content management may be easier as it may be managed with the tools you have in place already for internet or intranet websites.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: ClearPass-Wanabe Captive Portal on Aruba Controller 6.X

Thanks for the response.
I completely agreed, since the controller memory is limited, it is better to offload this page to other web server.

For information, I have tested it on my 3400 and it looks like the controller can handle it well. But, when i try to upgrade it, there is not enough memory left to do the task.. :)

Best regards
Yopianus Linga
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