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Clearpass different welcome pages

HI All,


I was wondering what the best deployment method would be to get different welcome pages in Clear pass Guest.


So my requirement is that visitors associate to a guest SSID, they get a CP, put in their name, email and accept T&C, then click login.


After clicking on login is it possible that users get a different welcome page based on their location?

On the controller itself, I have created two CP profiles with the two the same welcome page configured and the AP-Groups have been split up to per location.


What other configuration do I need to do on CPPM to make this work?

CPPM policy manager has the standard configuration with a Access MAC Authentication &  User Authentication with MAC Caching services.

Do I need to create multiple self-registration pages on CPPM?

Currently both custom skin 1 and 2 are in use.


Please let me know.

Re: Clearpass different welcome pages



Check below link




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Re: Clearpass different welcome pages

Thank you for your reply. 

This has helped me with scoping this work in a document. 

I would reply on this forum if I need any further assistance. 

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