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Client connection - 802.11AC

Our deployment consists entirely of IAP-214 clusters, running


We just began upgrading our workphones from old Samsung rugby's on 4.1 to new Iphone7's. With this deployment, a new issue is occuring that didn't exist beforehand. iphone clients will be able to connect and access the network just fine. Occasionally a few of these clients will still be authenticated and connected, but unable to perform any actions on the network (browsing, etc). The devices are still able to reply to a ping.

The client can wait about 20 minutes and the issue goes away, or they can turn their wifi off and on, and it will work again.


We had no where near as much 802.11AC traffic as we do now with the Iphone 7 deployment, so I'm unsure if that is related. I've only seen this issue occur around our busiest access points, that generally host around 30 users (with one running aorund 70 users, 50 on 802.11AC).


I haven't modified any ARM or Radio settings from their default values, with client match being turned off. I'm trying to identify any pattern with these client 'disconnects' currently (maybe roaming/sticky clients, or too much noise)


Some stats on our Busiest IAP:

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