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Client host name in Dashboard?

I am rather new to Aruba-- I searched the forum but didn't find this exact issue. I don't even know if this is the correct "location" to ask, but here goes...

Our clients authenticate WPA-PSK utilizing an MDM profile. Is there any way to see wireless clients' host names instead of IP addresses or MAC addresses on Dashboard->Clients tab?
I have not been able to find a way to get my mobility controller to poll DNS for the device name, though other methods of hostname discovery might also work (lots of Apple products here, so mDNS/Bonjour advertisements would work). I can't believe this sophisticated system doesn't have that. If there is not a way to accomplish this, do people just memorize MAC addresses? I am NOT asking about seeing a user's name, just the device name.

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Re: Client host name in Dashboard?

that's typically populated by what the device authenticates as. IE in a radius scenario if it's computer authentication you would get the computername, and if it's user authentication you'd get the username. I've never heard of a way to do this in a PSK scenario.

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Re: Client host name in Dashboard?

You could do this with PSK with ClearPass 

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