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ClientMatch in a multi-controller environment

How does ClientMatch work in a multi-controller environment?

For example, if you have 2 local controllers servicing clients across a single location, does each controller have the AP RF metrics for all APs or just for its own APs. Is the master controller used to share information?


Could you potentially have issues roaming between clients on different controllers because of ClientMatch?

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Re: ClientMatch in a multi-controller environment

Clients were able to roam on their own before client match was a feature. They will still continue to be able to roam between controllers as a result.

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Re: ClientMatch in a multi-controller environment

Sorry I don't think my question was very clear.

I understand that clients can roam between controllers, I was just wondering whether a sticky client would be matched to the best AP or the best AP on the controller they are connected to.


If each controller maintains the clientmatch information for each client, would a sticky client be moved to an AP hosted on another controller?


e.g. you have 1 location with 6 APs, 3 APs on one local controller (local1) and 3 APs on another local controller (local2). A client is associated to an AP on local1 but has a poor connection and Clientmatch should move this. If the best AP for this client is hosted on local2, would ClientMatch know about this or would it move the client to the best AP on the local1 controller?

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Re: ClientMatch in a multi-controller environment

Do you terminate APs in the same physical environment on different controllers for capacity reasons or redundancy?


If you do it for redundancy I would definately terminate all the APs in a particular area on the same controller and have them configured for fast failover (or your best type of redundancy available) to the secondary controller instead of mixing.


I´m not sure of the answer to your question but I believe client match is on a "per-controller" basis.

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