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Combine two networks in single IAP

I have 2 networks one for employees and other for guests and i have saparate switches for these two networks...

1) Is it possible that I combine these two networks using two ethernet ports of IAP-225 and give WIFI to guests and employees?( guest traffic should not mix with employees traffic)


2) How can i combine these two networks in Access point and provide WIFI  for employees and guest by broadcasting 2 SSIDs if i have only one ethernet port like in IAP-315.



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Re: Combine two networks in single IAP

The proper way to do this is to configure the switch port that the ap connects to as a trunk. The ap will tag employee traffic on one VLAN and tag guest traffic on another VLAN.

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Re: Combine two networks in single IAP

But still... is it possible if i connect guest network on one ethernet port of IAP and corporate network on another port of IAP...

and get two SSIDS one for guest and another for corporate users.


Guest traffic and corporate traffic should flow from different IAP ethernet ports and different switches...(They already have saparate switches for both but they want to provide internet through same AP)

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Re: Combine two networks in single IAP



I have never tried it, but should be possible as long as you have proper power to the AP. When running on PoE you should have enough power so that AP does not shut down the second port.


Should be easy to test



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