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Configuring Multiple AP subnets

We have a 3400 controller and we are migrating to a new network infrastructure that is in parallel with the existing one. The new network is using a new subnet for the APs. The controller has connectivity to both the old and new infrastructures to allow for both subnets of APs to be online. We are attempting to move APs one at a time (or switch-by-switch as end users are being migrated). The APs on the new infrastructure/subnet are receiving DHCP addresses from the new scope of the controller, but none of them are checking in as active APs. Only the APs on the old subnet are being reported as active.


Does the 3400 allow for multiple AP subnets? If so, how do I get the APs to register in?

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Re: Configuring Multiple AP subnets

If an AP boots up on the same subnet as a controller, it will send out a broadcast and the first controller that answers, the AP will attach to.  It is better to configure a discovery method which points to a specific controller or make sure controllers do not share a subnet.


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Re: Configuring Multiple AP subnets

We only have a single controller. They are getting DHCP addresses from it so I would assume that findoing the controller isn't an issue. The subnet is configured the same as as the subnet that is working for the APs. I have not tried option 43 yet for the DHCP scope, but it isn't set on the previous scope so would assume it wouldn't need be. something I can try though.

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