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Configuring an AP135 as an RAP

Currently the network I manage has as many AP's as it does RAP'S. We had a power issue last night where as 3 of our RAP-155 got shorted out. 


These locations needs a RAP and I dont have anymore in stock. All I have are some RAP-5WN but becasue of my controllers version they wont take the upgrade.


I have configured an AP135 as a remote AP for the time being. Wireless is braodcasting fine but there are some devices that require a hardline. 


Question is there a way to enable ETH1 on the AP135 to issue DHCP from the contoller as ETH0 is currrently the uplink or some work-around to this issue until I can receive some more RAP-155.


Controllers are all 3600's running Version


Thanks in advance for any and all responses.

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Re: Configuring an AP135 as an RAP

Change the wired port profile for Ethernet 1
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Re: Configuring an AP135 as an RAP



It is very easy to configure e1 port of AP135, follow the steps bellow.

we need to configure Wired AP profile under AP--> wired-ap 

use the following commands to configure the profile,


ap wired-ap-profile <profile-name>
forward-mode bridge

Optionally, you can configure the following wired AP profile settings:

ap wired-ap-profile <profile-name>
switchport mode {access | trunk}
switchport access vlan <vlan>
switchport trunk native vlan <vlan>
switchport trunk allowed vlan <vlan>


After this map the profile to AP--Wired AP by using the following command.


(Aruba3200) (config) #ap wired-ap-profile <profile-name>



Hope your issue can be resolved now :)





Venu Puduchery,
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Re: Configuring an AP135 as an RAP

Thanks for the information. I made the changes and now able to connect on the secondary port.



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