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Controller 7030 GUI on Controller IP not work

Hello all


I upgraded my 7030 controller to OS 8.2. I did reset the controller and startup from scretch.


I have configure two vlans with different IP Adresses:

Interface                   IP Address / IP Netmask        Admin   Protocol   VRRP-IP
vlan 20         /     up      up
vlan 10          /     up      up
loopback                    unassigned / unassigned        up      up


interface gigabitethernet 0/0/0
description "Data Port"
trusted vlan 1-4094
no poe
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk native vlan 10

interface gigabitethernet 0/0/2 description "Mgmt-Port" trusted trusted vlan 20 no poe switchport access vlan 20

show controller-ip:

Switch IP Address:

Switch IP is configured to be Vlan Interface: 20

Switch IPv6 address is not configured.

Ping works on both interfaces. But the WebGUI and SSH works only on VLAN 10.


Has someone an idea why this is happen? From my point of view, the webGUI should work on both interfaces.


Thanks for helping.



Re: Controller 7030 GUI on Controller IP not work

What’s the purpose of VLAN 10? And why are using two physical interfaces ?

You don’t need a second physical interface (0/0/2) just use 0/0/0 for your management and user traffic and in the trunk include all the necessary VLANs, if your controller management VLAN is 20 then the native vlan should be 20 on the trunk.

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