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Controller Redundancy Clarification



Sorry I know this has been brought up many a time from searching Google, but I'm still not happy with what I've read so far. In essense I am trying to unpick a design that a contractor put in before I took up post.


We have two controllers configured as master/local, two ap system profiles with an LMS IP to each controller with no backup LMS, a HA group configured dual/dual and a VRRP instance on an AP VLAN.


I believe I have a redundancy problem and I have scheduled downtime for Christmas to pull plugs to see what happens. Can anyone tell me if the above redundancy configuration looks correct?







Re: Controller Redundancy Clarification

Have you had a look at the Campus WLAN Redundancy VRD's, these give you some good info on how the redundancy configuration should be applied. From what I have compared based on these to what you have detailed, it appears to be correct. 


I assume that both the master and the local are terminating AP's at the same time?


The Backup LMS is optional but recommended.


What is causing concern in regards to redundancy problem?

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Re: Controller Redundancy Clarification

We have the exact same configuration except we are not using VRRP. Out of curiousity and the potential that maybe something I'm doing wrong, why are you using VRRP?


Also be aware that using dual/dual even though your AP system profiles are pointing to each controller, you could still end up with APs on either controller.


I can also say this setup has worked fairly well for us. Unfortunately I got to test it out several times in production from a bad bug we hit. We saw very little impacts during users during failover.

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Re: Controller Redundancy Clarification

Redundancy options depend on what you are looking, but AP fast failover is the preferred method in 6.x.  You can use the Aruba Solutions Exchange (ASE) to build configurations for AP Fast Failover.




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