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Controller Storage File Delete 방법 질의



컨트롤러에 Captive Portal Custom으로 올린 대용량 파일을 삭제를 하여야 하는데, 어떠게 해야 하는지요?


예전에 TAC에서 원격으로 Support command를 통하여 삭제하는 것은 보았습니다. 이 방법이 아니고, 자체적으로 삭제할 수 있는 방법은 없을까요?




Hi All,


I have to delete the large file uploaded as Captive Portal Custom to the controller. How should I do?


In the past, we saw that TAC could remotely delete via the Support command. Is not there a way to delete this by itself?

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Re: Controller Storage File Delete 방법 질의


The file sits in a different directory which is only accessible via Support mode.


Why are you deleting the file ? is it occupying too much space?


in the meantime you can delete unwanted  files listed under "dir" .

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