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Controller based AP-275 as bridge?

Can anyone comment on the feasibility of this design? I'm worried about hidden limitations of bridge mode.


Using AP-275 as a point to point bridge.  I know the antennas are not optimized for this use but the distances are short (25 meters) so RF should not be an issue.


These are controller based AP's and the controllers are at a remote campus.







Re: Controller based AP-275 as bridge?

Mesh in bridge mode should be fine so long as your config/L2 is good. 

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Re: Controller based AP-275 as bridge?

Bumping an old thread. Does anyone have a knowlege base article, or other documentation regarding mesh configurations?


Finding snippets in the AOS docs and the forums, but hoping for something more clear.


How can I make sure the AP's are paired before installing them?

Best to use AP group or AP specific config?




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Re: Controller based AP-275 as bridge?

The mesh configuration is defined per ap-group in the mesh profile.  Whether an AP "takes" that configuration and whether or not it is a mesh point or mesh portal is defined when the AP is provisioned.  That means that whether an AP is using mesh (as a portal or a point) is defined in provisioning, which results in a per-ap setting.


Please see if this post helps:  http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Aruba-Solution-Exchange/Configuring-Point-to-Point-mesh/ta-p/202605

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