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Controller based WLAN ( need a recommendation )

Good day to everyone, I'm new to ruckus so please bear with me. I'm trying to deploy a controller based WLAN for our company's stores, warehouses and small hotels. Currently we are using 
multiple standalone AP on our set-up. We would love to migrate to a controller based with multiple thin AP for the ff. reason : A) so we could have just one channel and one authentication through out each site. B) We're hoping that having a controller based WLAN 
would give us seamless roaming coverage on our RF scanners ( Symbol MC 900 series ). C) We could add more AP anytime without RF  planning .

We are looking for an equipment that still uses WEP-128 .

Any recommendations are very much appreciated.
Thank you!!

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Re: Controller based WLAN ( need a recommendation )

I am sure you mean Aruba when you write "RUKUS" :)

ArubaOS do have support for WEP-128. You can refer to the Datasheet at below link:



From your queries:

- Why would you need a single channel throughout the site? 

- You need to plan your network well for optimized roaming and Aruba does have very good support for roaming devices.

- For RF planning, I recommend to keep it for Aruba Controller. Aruba Controllers have a built-in feature called Adaptive Radio Management (ARM). It dynamically assigns channels to the registered access points based on RF conditions long performing many other tasks like controller Tx powers, band steering and so on.


Based on the number of Access Points per site, you can go for an instant or controller-based solution.

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Re: Controller based WLAN ( need a recommendation )

My bad!! I'm so sorry on that one... I mean Aruba...

Anyway..thank you so much for your response on my inquiry sir..

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Re: Controller based WLAN ( need a recommendation )

If possible, we would like to use one channel throughout each site, because of our RF scanners, for some reason sometimes it has trouble transferring from one channel to another.. 

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Re: Controller based WLAN ( need a recommendation )

Do you have an existing deployment? If yes, how do you have that configured?

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