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Controller not able to reach meridian site



I have a strange issue that I can't quite figure out. I hope I am posting in the right spot. Our environment has two Aruba Mobility Controllers model 7210-US running OS Version We also have a few hundred beacons placed around our environment that will be used for wayfinding. These beacons are supposed to talk back to the Meridian platform using the site https://edit.meridianapps.com and a token. I have enable and configured Beacon Management per the directions provided on the Meridian site. 


The issue is I cannot ping or reach the site from the aruba controllers. I can ping other sites just fine. I can also ping the merdian site from other switches in the same network without a problem. 


The Meridian site says on the dashboard that "10+ beacons haven't been heard from in a while" and "Your Aruba network has stopped reporting" but when I click on the Aruba Network error message it takes me to a page that says "CONNECTED Your beacon network is connected to the Meridian Editor. The Editor last heard from your network 4 minutes ago. "


I am at a loss as to what is going on, any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Re: Controller not able to reach meridian site

I guess you've checked the obvious parts but it might be worth checking the controller has HTTPS access to edit.meridianapps.com ? Just a note I cannot ping this URL so I expect this is the design, it does however resolve to an IP.

The controller will also need a valid and working DNS server to be able to resolve this URL (this may require a reboot to take affect).


ip name-server <dns-server-ip>

Do you also see the beacons on the controller?


show ap debug ble-table ap-name <name> 

Is there any errors in the update status?


show ap debug ble-update-status



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Re: Controller not able to reach meridian site

The name server is configured and resolving the IP address as it should. The APs are seeing the beacons. When I look at the update status i see the following:



BLE Device MAC     Attribute Actual/Observed    Desired/Pending
--------------                ---------       ---------------         ---------------
72:2b:61:7a:39:90        ---          Ineligible         Reason:Missing data
for all of the beacons. 


Re: Controller not able to reach meridian site

Are you able to upgrade the beacons? There's a note in the VRD that mentions the following....


The output of the show ap debug ble-update-status command may include a note about ineligible devices.

The ineligible flag was applied to some very early versions of Aruba beacon which were not capable of configuration upgrades. This issue was resolved in subsequent releases, and now all Aruba beacons currently being sold support configuration upgrades.

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Re: Controller not able to reach meridian site

I am unsure how to upgrade beacons. The only information I found was about the beacon firmware, which is upgraded through the app, however there is no option to upgrade the firmware. The fireware version is 1.2-9. These beacons were also purchased late last year, so they should be relatively new. 

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