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Copying and restoring configuration

I have 2 controllers 7210 OS


I need to copy the configuration from one of them to the other


I tried to copy the running configuration from the first through TFTP server and named it c1.cfg, then copied it again in the second one, and make it bootable using the command boot configuration-file c1.cfg, then rebooted "nothing changed in the configuration"


I tried to backup the flash of the first one and take a copy of "flashbackup.tar.gz", then sent it to the second one through TFTP server, and restored flash, then saved and rebooted  "nothing changed in the configuration"

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Re: Copying and restoring configuration

Do not type "write mem" before rebooting.


if you are copying  the flashbackup from one controller to the other you need to:


1.  Backup flash on controller #1

2.  Copy flashbackup.tar.gz file to controller #2

3.  Restore flash onto controller #2 by typing "restore flash"

4. DO NOT type "write mem"

5.  paste in the licenses for controller#2 (because restore flash restores unusable licenses from controller#1)

6.  DO NOT type "write mem"

7.  Reboot

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Re: Copying and restoring configuration



I don't have a license for the other controller, will this make a problem, as I tested it without the license and also nothing has been changed.

I need the other controller for master Redundency, but I couldn't the 2 controllers from theirslefs, while I can ping both from my laptop, so I was trying to take the image for one of them and restore it on the other and just change the IP and test  

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Re: Copying and restoring configuration

If you're running 6.3 and above you can use centralized licensing and it'll be fine
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