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Create new internal users from external captive portal

Hi, all,

I need a little advice on how to do this little setup I'm planning or if it's even possible at all.

I'll describe what I have in mind:

We have an IAP225 running version and have set up an external captive portal with internal user database authentication. Everything works so far, a user joins the wireless network and is displayed the external captive portal where they use credentials stored in the IAP's internal user database, and get full access to network and internet.

However, we've noticed that users can only authenticate with credentials we have created before hand. So I'm left wondering if is there a way to make the users create credentials for themselves from the external captive portal page (a way to Register, if you will).

I've read about the xml-api-server, but it appears that it doesn't create users anymore, just modifies them with the parameters given to it.

Is there a way, then, in which the external captive portal could send credentials provided by the user through the html to the IAP to make it create a user with those parameters?

Any help or thought would be appreciated.




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Re: Create new internal users from external captive portal

Hi, again,


Well, we've figured this scenery either is not possible (we've tried with xml, through POST, to no avail) or that it would take too much time to develop.

So we decided to use an external linux-based radius server along with an sql database for user storage.

With this, we are able to take full advantage of the .NET that we intended/tried to use with the IAP.

We can now authenticate and create users from the external captive portal page and everything seems to be working as planned so far.





Re: Create new internal users from external captive portal

hi Jhon

just to round out this thread - you are correct there is no API for creating users in the internal database (the xml add user command is nothing to do with that internal database). It could be done via the actual webUI interface using POST (i.e. to mimic the webUI adding a user) - but as you noted, it's cleaner to use an external solution.



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