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Creating a Point to Multipoint with IAP 134 - Mesh Portal/Point question


I have a couple of questions and i appreciate your time/assistance. The questions revolve around configuring the following:


I have three buildings that i'm looking to connect using IAP-134's and external antenna ant-17. One of the buildings - main building already has 105's installed. I have run a few tests that have left me with more questions than answers.


  • The primary aim is to provide  building to building connectivity with the 134's as well as client access in the space between the buildings with the 134's. From everything I have read this is possible. Am i correct in assuming this?


  • I have configured the 134's as following. In the main building, I have configured the 134 as a mesh portal. For the two remote buildings, I have configured the IAP-134's as MeshPoints and enabled ethernet0 for bridging. This port, e0 on the IAP will connect to a local switch. Is this the proper way of doing this? I was confused as to what Enet1 is used for. The primary reason for connecting the E0 to the switch is first, to power the IAP and secondly so that wired users on the switch can obtain network connectivity to all buildings via this meshpoint/IAP134
  • Assuming the configuration above is not correct, how does one create a mesh between an IAP on one side connected to the LAN and another remote building/LAN?



  • From the remote buildings, users should be able to use the point to point link to obtain DHCP info, and communicate with clients across the wired and wireless. Given the configuration above, and the switching infrastructure using default VLAN's is there anything else I have to do to ensure this?


  • One thing i seemed to notice and i might be mistaken is that once i switched the 134 to a mesh point I could not associate to it which means it would not be providing client access in addition to the point to point. Is this accurate or did i misconfigure something during my trial/testing?

Again thanks for your time.


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Re: Creating a Point to Multipoint with IAP 134 - Mesh Portal/Point question

1) you can do both -- client and mesh -- on same channel (just don't recommend it)


2) eth0 should be okay (although I have never bridged anything off an IAP mesh...but not sure why this would be a problem)


3) one creates a mesh by IAP joins the cluster. If a new IAP "sees" the master IAP on the cluster, then they will mesh when one loses its ethernet connection.  Any provisioned IAP that has a valid uplink (wired or 3G) functions as a mesh portal, and the IAP without an Ethernet link functions as a mesh point.


When you mesh, you'll have to follow these guidelines.


a)  Limited to maximum of two hops from mesh portal (meshed AP->meshed AP->wired AP).

b)  Each Portal can have up to a maximum of 8 children (in the mesh).

c)  During the setup phase, for an AP to mesh to its Virtual Controller (VC) the AP must see only one instant network. If the mesh point see more than one instant network, it will not form a mesh to either portals


4) I don't see anything wrong with using default VLAN setup.


5) Not sure what this is about.  How exactly do you switch to a mesh point?  Just unplug it?



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Re: Creating a Point to Multipoint with IAP 134 - Mesh Portal/Point question


Thanks for your response. It set me on the right path and I got it working.
 Much appreciated,



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