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Custom Captive Portal Web Page upload



Does anyone have a Customized Captive Portal web page file they can share with me? I would like to upload a custom web page for my Captive Portal on my Aruba 3200 WLC as the default one is not going to work for me. However, I am not sure how to make one from scratch as I have no HTML experience and am not sure what kind of files the WLC is looking for when uploading such a file. Has anyone created a custom web page for their captive portal that would be willing to share? It can be very generic, as long as it works! Thanks!

Re: Custom Captive Portal Web Page upload

I'd recommend checking this post out: https://gshaw0.wordpress.com/2017/09/03/responsive-captive-portal-for-aruba-wi-fi-updated-for-ios-cna/


Caveat: This isn't something I've tested so I take no responsibility for the outcome!


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Re: Custom Captive Portal Web Page upload



Thank you for this! I actually found a link that sent me down the right path. This link here:




I used the HTML template provided at the bottom of the page as a guide and followed the configuration instruction for the CLI to the letter. It works! I now have a custom captive portal page that users get redirected to when they open their browser after first connecting. Once they click "I Accept" they get properly forwarded on to the website. 


If anyone is interested, the upload the Aruba is looking for is a .htm file for the "Captive Portal Login (top-level)" and the content can be a .png or .jpg file, both have worked for me!



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