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Customizing the "Guest Access Pass" page design.

Is there any way to customize the page that get's printed and handed out to the guest user after a guest account has been created?


The default page in our controller is awfull and very clutterd. 


I've been looking into the custimizations of the Guest Provisioning page but this only allows me to upload a banner. And this is only used on the provisioning page. I don't seem to find an option to change the layout/design of the printed page.


I found the settings under "Access control" --> "Guest Access". But these only allow me to upload my AUP and company logo. There appear to be no options to customize the font of the "Username" and "Password" entries or to format the way they're put on the page. 


For example, at the moment this is how it looks


Username test

Password falb4633



The lack of, for example a semicolon ( : )  between the text "Password" and the actual password is confusing users.



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Re: Customizing the "Guest Access Pass" page design.

No i don't believe you can customize that part. you can perhaps add some info in the policy section, there you can use html tags for size, font, ....


for me there is quite some spacing between password and the actual password, perhaps your printer is doing something odd?

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Re: Customizing the "Guest Access Pass" page design.



Thanks for getting back to me.


I've indeed customized the captive portal where user & pass are entered and put my policy on the guest pass. But haven't found any way to change it. So I'm starting to think there isn't any.


Tried on a few different printers ranging from normal, to mfd to pdf printers. They all look the same.


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