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DFS actions triggered on detecting a radar on an operating channel?

What are the DFS actions triggered by Arm on detecting a radar on an operational channel?

How long are the services impacted for the end host who were on an radar impacted channel while the arm changes the radio to another non radar impacted channel?

Do the channels that are susceptible to radar changes from country to country?

Re: DFS actions triggered on detecting a radar on an operating channel?

Hey, I found the following in the Aruba 802.11n VRD.


APs that use DFS channels are not subject to channel change suspension configurations. If radar is detected the AP immediately informs clients that it is ceasing operation on the channel and the clients are disconnected. Additionally, the AP listens for additional radar transmissions for one minute on its new channel before it resumes operation. This requirement applies to all of the following channel change suspension features if the AP is operating in a DFS channel.


Here's the link




In regards to DFS channels and their usage in each country, this is detailed below and in short yes they do change depending on your reglatory domain.



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