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DHCP Configuration



I have an IAP set-up with an PSK SSID,


I want to reserve a set of 10 IP address, from the DHCP server scope on the IAP. The gateway would be on the IAP, and the IAP has to route the traffic to its default-gateway.


I understand, there are different DHCP modes.






Centralised, L2.


i am confused on which DHCP mode to use, and how to configure it.



Re: DHCP Configuration

Is there any VPN back to an Aruba controller?  If no, see below.  If yes, please reply with some more details.


Try using "local" and in the SSID settings for VLAN, match the VLAN to the ID used in the DHCP server setup.


Your other option is to use "virtual controller asigned" for IP addressing and then use the DHCP options in System settings as well.

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