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DHCP not working with Sonicwall NSA2400?

Hi Everyone,

I have a Sonicwall NSA2400 that I'm trying to get working with Aruba IAP-225 access points. The Sonicwall was initially set up by my predecessor with 12 Sonicpoints and 2 SSIDs in one VAPG. We just recently purchased the Aruba APs and I have configured them to use the IP addresses of the Sonicpoints that we are removing. So, essentially they're taking the place of the Sonicpoints as far as configuration. We chose to do this because all firewall access rules and routing are already in place. Also, we are running the Arubas without a hardware controller.

Here's the issue...

All wireless devices fail to obtain DHCP addresses and obviously have no internet connection. If I assign a static IP to a device, then it works fine. Now the DHCP server is setup on the Sonicwall ( to issue addresses on the network. On the IAP, I have the DHCP server set to Centralized L3 (as the DHCP server and gateway are on the other side of the virtual controller), with the proper VLAN ID (160), VLAN IP (, helper address (, and VLAN subnet mask ( The Guest SSID VLAN settings are configured to use "virtual controller assigned" for client IP assignment and with the custom VLAN ID as "guest:160" which was setup in the virtual controller's DHCP settings.

I would assume there was something wrong on the Sonicwall side, but it issues DHCP addresses to clients when the Sonicpoints are connected. Also, there is no MAC filtering being used and all traffic is white listed for now while we're testing.

To me, everything looks fine, what am I missing???

Thanks in advance!!!

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Re: DHCP not working with Sonicwall NSA2400?

Virtual Controller Assigned addresses are natted out of the Virtual Controller.  Only the Virtual Controller can assign DHCP addresses to those devices, really.

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