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DSCP marking for WMM

Hello Everyone.


On a Aruba wirleless controller the default DSCP marking for different WMM ACs is as follows:

Voice <-> DSCP 56 = CS7

Video <-> DSCP 40  = CS 5

Best Effort <-> DSCP 24 = CS 3

Background <-> DSCP 8 = CS 1


The question is, isn't it too much to mark the voice traffic with CS7? which is the highest available priority.

The voice traffic is usually marked to CS5 or EF. It is very strange what I am seeing in the default config of the SSID profile.


Can anyone explain?






Re: DSCP marking for WMM

On the controller, by default on ssid-profile DSCP mappings for voice is set to 56; however if we need to re-write, it is configurable according to the network uplink switch QOS policy settings. Find the below link which would give us more info about QOS regarding WMM.




Thank you.

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Re: DSCP marking for WMM

Thank you.

I understand that it is configurable ( and you can re-configure it on the SSID profile as well). But I think it is still too much to use 56 as the default!!

I will go through your link when I have the time. currently no time :)


Thanks again.



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