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Degraded performance through RAP5

We are seeing a decreased throughput on a RAP5 when used over a satellite link. However when connecting directly to the modem the throughput is fine. We've confirmed that all port speeds are correct, no difference when using split-tunnel or tunneling mode. We've asked the client to use IPSec via the modem but still waiting on a response. There's no QoS enabled on the RAP. Any suggestions?

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Re: Degraded performance through RAP5

 There could be a number of reasons, like MTU and overhead on a slow link, why traffic from the RAP5 is slow.  This is on top of the fact that satellite links are probably one of the slowest and most unreliable links for communications.  Is there any other communication over this satellite link?

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Re: Degraded performance through RAP5

I don't believe the RAP is at fault but I am looking to prove this. I've asked for an IPSec connection to be tested directly to the modem to see if the issue is still occuring. The MTU is currently set to1024 on the controller. Waiting for some results on testing now :)

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