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Determin Mesh Speed

I am going to be setting up a mesh between 2 buildings.  I would like to run the mesh on the 5Ghz radios using 802.11N so i can get 300mbps and perferably use a 2x2 connection to get 600mbps.  How can i determine the speed of my link to make sure it is configured the way i want it.  Thank you for your help. 

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Re: Determin Mesh Speed

It's funny you say that.  We just put out an Outdoor MIMO Wireless Network Validated Reference Design Guide here:  http://www.arubanetworks.com/technology/reference-design-guides/


That document will answer plenty of your questions in detail.

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Re: Determin Mesh Speed

Thank you for posting that.  i will give that a look though.

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Re: Determin Mesh Speed

"show ap mesh topology" will show you tx/rx speeds, but I would definitely read the guide that Colin mentioned!


Re: Determin Mesh Speed

Hi Mark,


Are you using Aruba AP175 or AirMesh product line. The way to measure data rates on each of these system is slightly different. The command Olin posted is for AP175. If you are using AirMesh products, please use "sh mesh links" command.


Also check out this guide posted on arubanetworks.com for setting up Pt-Pt links using APS175 or AirMesh.







Re: Determin Mesh Speed

A few things:

* you will only get a max of 300Mbps since you can only use one radio for the mesh link. Tha radios are 2x2:2 so you can do two spatial streams at a max of 150Mbps for each chain.

* while the 'show ap mesh topology long' will give you a tx/rx rate, it only reflects the last exchange, and if your link isn't highly utilized, it may reflect a slower than accurate link speed.


Outside of reading the guide to identify best practices, priper antenna height and LoS requirements, etc, if you can post the distance and the types of antennas you plan on using, I can give you an approximate expected throughput.

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