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Disable Wifi-Interface



we want to install some APs (AP105) at a school.

We need the possibility to disable/enable the wifi-interface of the ap.

Does somebody know any solution to do this.

One could be to put the ap on/off by connecting/disconnecting the power cord or something like this.

Is there an other possibility to do this?

The ap should only work if it is needed during the lesson, because of the radiation.

There are no specific times when it is needed.






Re: Disable Wifi-Interface

You can enable/disable the VAP (Virtual AP) now by means of logging into the controller and going to the following screen:


You could also unplug the AP (POE) as you've indicated, not very elegant but functional. If you know the times you want the SSID broadcast, some have devised scripts for this or set time of day settings on the PoE switch that powers the AP.





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