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Disable alerts for one group/folder



We have all our home users RAPs in one folder in Airwave.

All our branch offices have their own individual folder, i.e. 1 folder per branch.


We have two triggers right now, 1 for AP down and 1 for radio down.


I don't want to receive alerts for the home users RAP's, but I need alerts for the AP's in all other folders.


Is there any way I can achieve this ?




Re: Disable alerts for one group/folder

This is possible based on your folder or group setup.  I'll outline both here, starting with what I think would be the easiest.


1)  If you have the following folder setup:




          Building A

          Building B



With the above flow, you can edit existing triggers to Folder: Office (and include all subfolders = yes) under the 'Trigger Restrictions' box.


trigger restrictions.jpg



2)  If you're folders are of the mixed variety:




          Building A

          Building B

          Home A


          Building C

          Building D

          Home B


Then you can still move your folders around without having to delete / create new folders.  It would take some effort to do this.

a.  Figure out the folder structure you'd like (the key is to get the Home folders isolated from the rest of the folders)

b.  Create folder level for Home folders

     i. go to AP / Devices

     ii. at bottom of screen, add new folder (suggest adding under parent folder Top)

b.  Then use folder navigation to go to the Folder level above the Home folder (so in the example, you'd navigate to CA or TX folder)

c.  At the bottom of the page at the folder list view, click the pencil next to the Home folder name

folder nav.jpg

d.  Then change the 'parent folder' and save (you might also change folder names at the same time to make the destinction 'Home CA' and 'Home TX')

folder edit.jpg

e.  Repeat B through D for rest of home folders.


An alternative might be to move all the RAP devices into a new folder (using bulk edit, move), but I believe that you might have distributed the Home RAPs into separate folders for a reason.



3)  Create separate triggers per group


This would work if you have very few groups.  The only thing is that the trigger list looks more crowded if you have say 5 groups -> then you have 5 Down triggers and 5 Radio Down triggers (feasible, but not as easy as the 1st method).

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