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Disconnect based on time quota

We'd like to change from a scheduled disconnect (currently done through controller) to a time quota for our students. In essence, we'd allow them to have a connection for up to a set number of hours each week. They could use those hours however they wish. In other words, just like a total bandwidth limit.

Anyone have any idea how we might accompolish that using the controller and/or ClearPass and/or AirWave?






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Re: Disconnect based on time quota

I believe this is the configuration you are seeking.






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Re: Disconnect based on time quota

Thanks for the link but this doesn't seem to be my case. Folks are already authenticated, what I'm trying to do is give them a bank of hours (say four) of connectivity to be used after midnight each night. If they use all four of those hours on Monday night, then Tuesday at midnight they will lose their connection as they do now based on the rules in the controller.

Also, the second step in these instructions doesn't line up with what I see. I have no option to choose Endpoint as the first drop-down, not can I choose "Guest Role ID" in the second line.

Thanks for the link though, it is good info.

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Re: Disconnect based on time quota

Sorry, but I can't think of a way to do this without custom code with the API.

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Re: Disconnect based on time quota

I did receive the following from an Aruba/HPE SE. I haven't had a chance to dig into it yet though.


Thanks for the help.


"Take a look at the link below which is a tech note from version 6.6 but I believe this is what you are trying to accomplish.  If you build an enforcement profile based on session restrictions ( time/day of week) you can set a session check as weekly with duration of 4 hours.  In the service role mappings assign a role based on if its Monday – Friday and assign the enforcement profile to that role that restricts the total session.




Take a look at the examples at the end of the document and you should be able to build a scenario that would work."

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