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Does RAP-3WNP support PC/Phone on same port?

I have been trying to configure a RAP3 to support a phone plugged into E1 and a PC plugged into the phones lan port. I have been unsuccessful. I have tried the following configurations:


Port in trunk mode with data and voice vlan with native vlan the data vlan. Using LLDP to assign phone to voice vlan. 

PC doens't get IP address and from wireshark I can see traffic from voice vlan. Phone gets IP from voice vlan.


Port in access mode with data as access port. Using LLDP to assign phone to voice vlan.

PC works getting IP in data vlan but phone doesn't work. (Thinking behind this was Cisco port configuration for voice and data on same port)


Is this even possible is my question? If one of these configurations is correct I am going to guess it is an issue with the phone configuration but I am not a phone guy so I will have to get with them.


Thank you,


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Re: Does RAP-3WNP support PC/Phone on same port?

Solved my own problem. Didn't have the data vlan on the allowed vlan list in the trunk settings. Works correctly when Data vlan is both native and trunk allowed. Probably need to use a different native vlan.

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